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Research / Readings

27 Feb 2021 |  Ang JL

  • Digital Transformation

Research topics

  1. Online Journal Writing
  2. Use of crocodile physics, physics simulations
  3. Use of wikis for teaching and learning
  4. Towards a research-informed physics curriculum 
  5. Factors affecting students' choice of physics as a study subject in JC1
  6. Mobile learning 
  7. Universal Design for Learning or UDL
  8. Experiential learning 
  9. Alternate conceptions in physics (from Mar 2013)
  10. Making thinking visible in physics (from Jun 2015) 
  11. Technology and physics learning 
  12. Fake news

General resources

  1. US Education System - grades, high school age-groups 
  2. UK Education System - key stages
  3. Center for Science Education (CSE) - Assessments in the K-12 Science Curricula 
  4. Digital research tools - wiki with research and ICT tools
  5. Research a topic - ASCD
  6. ASCD Review - ASCD journal
  7. Learning styles - Kolb learning styles 


  1. Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking
  2. Tools, instruments and questionnaires
  3. Self-Determination Theory Questionnaires 

Statistical survey design / analysis

  1. Download R software
  2. Examples of analysis using different softwares
  3. How to design and analyze a survey
  4. Likert scales and data analyses 
  5. Likert scales 

Physics-related resources

  1. Teaching Introductory Physics (1996) - pedagogical issues  
  2. Physics pedagogies by topic including research
  3. Mediated learning
  4. Assessing-to-Learn Physics A2L project for continuous formative assessment, good resources
  5. Teachers and Technology authentic problem-based curriculum units
  6. Learning frameworks:



  1. LEAD ICT project - blog


Journal search

  1. google scholar - research journal search engine
  2. Wiley InterScience - registration for online search (use email addr)
  3. GreenFILE - a bibliographic database of information about environmental concerns
  4. The Research Informed Practice Site (TRIPS)
  5. eJournals NLB Digital Library (need online account)
  6. NLB full list of databases - Available at all libraries and from home. Access via NLB e-acct.
  7. JSTOR - access via NLB e-acct, MyJSTOR same as NYGH acct, allows citations to be saved/exported
  8. Referencing
  9. Directory of Open Access Journals 


Research instruments

  1. Tools, instruments and questionaires How to choose instruments
  2. ICT instruments


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