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Updated 13 May 2021

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1. Marshall Cavendish Teachers' Room (physics resources - login required

2. about.com Physics History, myths of physics, physicists, topics discussion etc.

3. The Physics of Sports Useful internet links. 

4. MIT physics videos MIT Professor Walter Lewin (71) featured in Digital Life 8 Jan 2008.

5. Brain Pop Science - animated movies (need subscription for full access), other subjects, women in history

6. Teachers' Domain great multimedia resources for physical science, can download if registered, use 065 for postal code to locate school

7. Physics demonstration videos at Wake Forest University

8. Challenging physics questions and resources

9. Quantum physics videos

10. Figuring physics - Paul Hewitt

11. Bad physics 

12. Minds on Physics - online modules to challenge students' misconceptions in physics

13. Online MCQ tests

14. Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

15. CPDD Science Monthly mailers on OPAL 2.0 New!

Softwares / Simulations / Videos

  1. software-CrocPhy
  2. Yenka replacing crocodile physics
  3.  Interactive resources (Edumall)
  4. Arbor Scientific videos - also link to website
  5. Science videos on youtube
  6.  TED.com ideas worth spreading - talks by outstanding people
  7. Academic Earth physics lectures from universities
  8.  Adsorb resources 
  9. Steve Spangler Science experiments
  10. Sick Science videos on Youtube
  11. Slow motion videos 

Interactive Games 

Physics curriculum/co-curriculum



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