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Python programming

  • Introduced in Advanced Physics in 2017

About programming


  • SVM Demystified - About SVM (Support Vector Machine) a machine learning algorithm

Python installation 

  • Free Download Python 3.9.6 from python.org & run the .exe file - but need to separately install Numpy, SciPy, Matplotlib modules into windows:
    • Go to windows command prompt [Start icon, search "cmd"]
      • key in "pip install numpy"
      • key in "pip install scipy"
      • key in  "pip install matplotlib"
  • OR Enthought Deployment Manager
  • OR S$15 Download iPad app Pythonista 3 to use on iPad (Python version 3.6): has Numpy & Matplotlib modules but NOT Scipy

Tutorial resources


Resources from SYPT workshop Sep 2016

Lesson examples

Teacher resources on programming



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